archplannerHNK GmbH, your competent partner for project development, properties, asset- & operation management.

HNK GmbH provides investment, projecting and building services in Germany, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

We buy land and properties and implement ideas for projects that will change the present and set a framework for the future.

We offer you the expertise we have developed through combining experience with creativity to attain mutual success.


Entrepreneurs Mr. Hagg and Mr. Nespethal began the close cooperation that led to their successful partnership in the mid 1990s. They founded the company HNK GmbH in the year 2000 and the company’s Berlin headquarters is the focal point of all its activities. The company has remained an owner-operated enterprise to this day.

During the past 15 years the owners have collaborated with investment partners to focus on real property investment (residential, office and logistics) for their own portfolio. Average investment volumes ranged form Euro 50 to 100 million. The cooperation with our investment partners in this period has resulted in the acquisition of more than 10,000 apartments and an attractive commercial property portfolio.

HNK GmbH is responsible for the acquisition, realisation and entire processing of the real property investments, as well as for asset management on the finalisation of a successful transaction. During this time has been handled a volume of approx. Euro 1.2 billion on the German market.

HNK GmbH focuses on the German real estate market. Not only does HNK GmbH invest in real property, it has also considerably expanded its range of operations.

HNK Invest sees itself as a platform with a high affinity for the Berlin real estate market. The company’s central values are integrity, reliability and growth orientation. Through their investment, HNK Invest also offers investors and other interested parties the chance to participate in the business model.

Through extensive know-how and a tight network of contacts we not only provide financial and non-financial support for the development of our holdings, but our investments also achieve above-average rates of return and performance.

In cooperation with powerful partners, HNK GRUNDBESITZ manages the portfolios of attractive residential and commercial areas on Berlin’s real estate market; its main focus being on active property management.

HNK IMMOBILIEN has been a mediator, point of contact and portfolio adviser on the German real estate market for more than 13 years; it has become a synonym for trusting cooperation with up-market customers and partners. Our in-depth technical knowledge and decisive market access have enabled us to advise on, achieve and finalise purchases and property sales amounting to several million euros.

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